How Do I Apply?

Becoming a Crowder student is simple.
You just need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete an Application for Admission

    Applications may be completed on the Apply Online portlet to the right. Residence Hall applicants may also apply online.

  2. Placement Exam or ACT

    Crowder offers a computerized placement exam that will help your academic advisor place you in the correct English, Reading, and Math classes. Call (417) 455-5602 or any off-campus site to schedule a testing time. For more information concerning the placement test, please visit our website.
    ACT Test Results: You must have a 18 or better on the English portion of the ACT, an 18 or better on the Reading portion and a 22 or better on the Math portion to be placed in college-level English, Reading and Math courses. If you do not have these scores, you must take the placement test. Placement exams must be on file before enrollment.

  3. Provide Your Academic History

    Have your high school transcript, HiSet or GED scores, plus any previous college transcripts, sent to our Records Office prior to enrollment:

    Crowder College
    601 Laclede
    Neosho, MO 64850
    Fax: (417) 455-0505
  4. Make Payment Arrangements

    Cash, payment plan, scholarship, financial aid - Apply for financial aid online at, Crowder College School Code: 002459. All A+ Program and CAMP students must complete the FAFSA. Payment arrangements must be made by the first Friday of classes.

  5. Review the Schedule of Classes

    This will give you a chance to become familiar with the types of classes Crowder has to offer and the different times they are held. Check out the Course Schedules under the Academics tab.

  6. Enroll During Open Enrollment

    Check the website or Announcements for current dates.

Off-campus Full-service Centers:
If you are planning to attend courses in Cassville, Nevada or Webb City, please call the center closest to you to make an appointment to enroll.

Transfer and/or Part-time Students:
If you are a transfer student, wanting to attend part-time or just want to take a class for the enjoyment, please make an appointment to see an advisor.


Admissions Application

Please complete the Admissions Application below that best describes you:
You have never attended Crowder College or any other colleges or universities.

You have never attended Crowder College, but have attended another college or university.


 You are a returning Crowder College student who has been out of classes for a year or more.
 You are a previous Crowder College dual credit/dual enrolled student, who has now graduated high school, and are applying for re-admittance.

You have never attended Crowder College and you are a citizen of a country other than the United States.

The International Student application deadline for admissions for the Spring semester is December 1 and for the Fall semester is July 1. Any applications received after this date will be considered for the next consecutive term.

You are currently in High School and want to take college courses.

Admissions Offices

Please use the following information to set an appointment for enrollment. It is best to set an appointment at the campus you plan to attend, although registration may be done at any campus or online. If you are a transfer student wanting to attend part-time or just want to take a class for the enjoyment, you may make an appointment to see an advisor.

If you have any questions about admission or enrollment, please contact one of our Admissions Counselors at your nearest location.

Toll-Free (866) 238-7788
Kelli Cragin (417) 455-5572
Kristi Chapman (417) 455-5479
JP Dickey (417) 455-5466
Krystal Morgan (417) 847-1706
McDonald County
Shirley Davidson (417) 226-6000
Chrystie Braden (417) 667-0518
Webb City
Erick Knell (417) 673-2345
Megan Manley Alumbaugh (417) 673-2345

Student Ambassadors