Admissions Offices

Please use the following information to set an appointment for enrollment. It is best to set an appointment at the campus you plan to attend, although registration may be done at any campus or online. If you are a transfer student wanting to attend part-time or just want to take a class for the enjoyment, you may make an appointment to see an advisor.

If you have any questions about admission or enrollment, please contact one of our Admissions Counselors at your nearest location.

Toll-Free (866) 238-7788
Kelli Cragin (417) 455-5572
Kristi Chapman (417) 455-5479
JP Dickey (417) 455-5466
Krystal Morgan (417) 847-1706
McDonald County
Shirley Davidson (417) 226-6000
Chrystie Braden (417) 667-0518
Webb City
Erick Knell (417) 673-2345
Megan Manley Alumbaugh (417) 673-2345