• How do I log into My Crowder?

    You will need to know your Crowder ID. This is your unique number given to you when you became part of the Crowder family. You can retrieve your Crowder ID by clicking on the 'Retrieve ID by SSN' link and providing your SSN here.

  • How do I get my password?

    Enter your Crowder ID into the textbox and click on the 'I forgot my password' link. You will be informed that your old password will become invalid and that a new one will be e-mailed to you. If you do not have an e-mail address on file with Crowder College, a message will be displayed providing you further instructions. If you have tried the 'I forgot my password' link and you did not recieve your password via e-mail, there is a good chance that your address on file is no longer a valid e-mail address. Please visit Crowder Student Services to verify your e-mail address and ensure we have your most up-to-date information.

  • How do I change My Crowder password?

    Upon logging in, you may change your My Crowder password by selecting the 'Personal Info' link to the right of your name near the top each page. This will take you to the My Info page where you may select the 'Password' tab. Your new password must follow the restrictions specified in order to be accepted. Once accepted, your new password will be effective immediately and your old password will be invalid.

  • How do I change my e-mail address?

    At this time, you may not change your e-mail address through the My Crowder portal. Because of the confidential information available within the My Crowder portal, you must visit Crowder Student Services and they will be happy to assist you.

  • Is my information safe in My Crowder?

    Yes. My Crowder is a secure portal. We have layered hardware and software technologies in place to ensure your data is safely transmitted across the internet.

  • Why did I get logged out of the portal?

    To protect against unauthorized access to your data during periods of inactivity, a time limit is in effect for your login session. Each interaction you have with the portal resets the time limit. If the time limit is allowed to expire, your session is terminated and you will safely be logged out. This measure is necessary because the security of your information is very important to us.

  • How do I make a credit card payment to my student account?

    To make an online payment to your student account, follow these instructions.