To Log into Campus Computers/Student Web Email

Username * : FirstnameLastname001
Password: CC (upper case) followed by lower case first and last name initials and the 2 digit birth month and 2 digit birth year.

* If 001 does not work, there is currently another person in the system with the same name, then try 002 etc. For assistance, contact IT at 417.455.5712

Example: For John Smith born May 2003 his Username would likely be johnsmith001 and his password would be: CCjs0503 (The password is Case Sensitive)

  • Upon first login, a prompt will require a password change. This changes your password for campus computers and Web Email.
  • New passwords must be at least 9 characters long, with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character.
  • Students will log into Webmail with student email address. example:



Computer Use Agreement [PDF]

>> Info about downloading and sharing copyrighted material

>> Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing

Account/Email Policy

Crowder College email accounts are tied directly to a network user ID. In order for a student to be eligible for a user ID, they must be enrolled in classes for either the current or a future semester.

As long as a student remains enrolled in courses in successive semesters, that student will maintain an active user ID/email account throughout the period of their studies. A grace period is given to students between semesters to allow for enrollment time. This grace period typically lasts until enrollment closes.

Once the enrollment period closes, students not enrolled in classes will have their user ID disabled, in turn disabling email capabilities. The period an account will remain disabled typically lasts 30 days prior to deletion.  Students wishing to have their accounts enabled during this period to retrieve emails or for enrollment purposes can have so upon request. This period can last for 1 day to a week depending upon the request.

It is not our current policy to activate and maintain student user ID’s for individuals who are not students enrolled in classes.

Crowder College Wireless Network Access

Crowder College provides limited wireless networking services on campus to Faculty, Students, Staff, and authorized guests with a wireless enabled laptop or mobile device. The wireless network currently supports 802.11b/g connections with some locations also supporting 802.11n. Many of the popular public locations such as McDonald Hall, Newton Hall, Student Center and The Bill & Margot Lee Library are included in the coverage area. For a more detailed list of coverage areas please see our wireless coverage map. Wireless users may encounter a number of SSID’s (wireless network names), and these may vary by the coverage area. The SSID that is designated for public use is:

SNET – This network can be used by Faculty, Students, Staff and authorized guests. After connecting to this network, a user should open their web browser. A portal page will then be displayed and the user will need to provide their Crowder College C-net Logon and password to access the network.

More information about guest accounts can be obtained by calling the IT helpdesk at 417-455-5712.




I don’t know what my network/email username is?

Network/E-mail accounts are created using your Student ID. This information is taken directly from the registration system. If you don’t know your Student ID, you can find out Here.


What’s my email address?

Your email address is created using the following format where ### = 001, 002, 003, etc…
This information is taken directly from the registration system, so if you registered as Billy Smith your email address would be


How do I access my email?

Both students and employees may access their email at the office 365 web portal, here. Alternative email client applications are also available for desktop or mobile phone. For more information please see the Campus Connect document.


I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

Your password can be reset by calling the IT helpdesk at 417-455-5712, you will need your student ID number for verification. No passwords will be reset without verification.


How do I access my Blackboard account?

You can access your Blackboard account by Clicking Here and entering your Crowder College student ID for both your username and password. Once logged in, please change your Blackboard password.


I have forgotten my Blackboard password. What can I do?

Your Blackboard password can be reset by calling the IT helpdesk at 417-455-5712, you will need your student ID number for verification. No passwords will be reset without verification.


I can’t open a Word/Excel document. It has an extension .docx/.xlsx

Microsoft Office 2007 Applications (like Word, Excel, Powerpoint) save files in formats .docx, .xlsx or .pptx which cannot be opened by older versions of MS Office without installing the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.


I was a student here last semester, now I can’t access my Crowder email?

Student accounts are deleted at the end of each semester. Students are notified prior to this to allow time for emails or documents to be stored on a flash drive or forwarded to an external email account such as gmail or yahoo.


Where can I find legal sources for downloads?

Click Here for legal music on the web


I received an email requesting my account information, should I respond to this?

The Crowder College IT Department would never request that you update or confirm your account information via email, this is most likely a phishing scam. For more information on phishing scams, see this Phishing Document.