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4/2/24 - 8:15 AM: Elevated Phishing Attempts at Crowder

Information Services has witnessed a marked increase in incoming phishing emails over the past several days.  While the email filtering systems in place are blocking these emails from inboxes, no technology is perfect and the possibility exists that a malicious email can reach your inbox.

Phishing emails, attempting to trick people into giving up sensitive information or performing some activity that could compromise computer or network security. 

Unfortunately, we have not been able to connect the current spat of phishing emails in any way to ensure they are blocked or to share with you.  A few example subject lines from the latest emails include: Planning Meetings for Crowder College, Faculty and Staff, Crowder College pension maximization, and All Crowder College Employees.

Please remain cautious and diligent when interacting or responding to email, text, voice, or web communications.  If you are suspicious of an email, please report it to Information Services using the Phish Alert button.  Directions for using it can be found on the Crowder Sharepoint at under the Information Services page or here: Phish Alert Button - Email Directions.pdf

As always, if you have any questions, please contact HelpDesk at,, 417.455.5712, or visit us in McDonald Hall room 217 on the Neosho campus.

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