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2/7/24: Phishing Alert

Yesterday evening, a phishing email was sent to multiple accounts at Crowder.   

If any of the following have occurred: 

  • You clicked on the link 

  • You completed the form at the link  

  • You recently received a text message regarding the “errand assistant” job opportunity from the phishing email this weekend 

Please contact HelpDesk at 417.455.5712 immediately. 

Below is the subject and text from the email that was sent yesterday evening. 

  • Subject: Important Campus-Announcement  

  • Email Text: This is Walmart Post Covid-19 Relief Funds.A program established by Walmart in partnership with the American Government to help people in various higher institutions affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic meet up with certain needs and wants.This relief fund is specifically for those who need assistance paying bills, going to school etc.This program is targeted to provide financial relief to University and College students and staff that have struggled financially over the past couple of months as a result of the recent pandemic.It is important to inform you that this is a Relief fund, not a Loan.Once you are qualified for it, it will be paid to you.With over four thousand stores, Walmart as we know is the largest retail store in the US with over 1.6 million employees across all 50 states with a very large customer base.Over the years, the American people have helped Walmart build from a business idea into a multinational business organization.In over 58 years of operation, during the good and the bad time the American people stood by us with their continuous patronage.Walmart in conjunction with a few private organizations and in partnership with the Biden Administration has decided to support the American people in any way we can during this difficult period.Therefore, Walmart in one of its socio-economic responsibilities has set aside $3 Billion Dollars In Post Covid-19 Relief Funds, which will be given to Individuals in various higher education institutions (public and private) across all American states.College staff and Students are entitled to apply for free Post Covid-19 relief money ranging from $1750 to $5000.CLICK HERE TO APPLY<https://form[dot]jotform[dot]com/2403676980XXXXX> Walmart Services Information 2024 


If you receive a questionable email, always report it as phishing using the Phish Alert Button, directions can be found in the How-Tos on the Information Services Sharepoint site found at .   

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the Information Services HelpDesk at, 417.455.5712, or come visit in person in room 217 in McDonald Hall on the Neosho campus. 

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