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2/8/23 - 4:00 PM: OneNote Attachments will be Blocked by Email Filter

Recently, cybersecurity groups have observed a significant increase in malicious files being delivered and opened via OneNote email attachments.  While we ask users to always be cautious of opening or downloading unexpected attachments sent to their email, the malicious OneNote attachments are better able to bypass filters and antivirus software. 

Due to these factors, and the fact that OneNote is not highly used or shared via email attachments at Crowder, Information Services has begun blocking OneNote attachments from being delivered to your email inbox.

You will still be able to use OneNote through your Microsoft365 account at and Teams.  You can also still use the "Share" function within OneNote to share a personal OneNote to others.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact HelpDesk at,, 417-455-5712, or come by McDonald 217 on the Neosho campus.

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