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From the News - 9/25/23: Update Apple Devices and Continue to be Cautious at School

Last week, several headlines articles were posted to cybersecurity and information technology sites that impact Crowder users.

First, please update your iOS and macOS Apple devices.  Apple has recently patched several flaws in their software that are known to be actively exploited.  You can read more about the vulnerabilities here: 

Second, a recent report by Sophos and AtlasVPN found education to be the most targeted industry by ransomware attacks. Similarly, a recent article noted a large increase in ransomware attacks against schools and universities in August.  While this is typical with the start of the school year, it is a good reminder to stay cautious when interacting with email and webpages and to stay constantly vigilant to help protect Crowder.  If you wish to read more, the articles that we noted can be found here:

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