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2/16/24 - 8:30 AM: Duo MFA Now Required for ALL Employees

Crowder Colleagues, 

At this time, all employees are required to use Duo MFA to access email (Microsoft 365) and Canvas.  

Other services requiring MFA, such as OpenVPN, will be unchanged.  Please follow the guidelines at the link below to set up Duo MFA for your Crowder account if you have not already.  Review the previous emails and posts this year from HelpDesk if you would like further explanation regarding the transition to Duo MFA.


Duo Enrollment Directions.pdf


The linked PDF contains the following "text only directions" with a longer set of directions which include additional screenshots and greater details beginning on page 3.  Below is a copy of the text only directions.

  1. From your phone App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android), download the Duo Mobile App (You can move on to step 2 while this downloads on your phone). 

  1. On a computer, open an Incognito browser (use the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of your preferred browser and select “New Incognito window”, visit (Microsoft 365/email) or (Canvas), and login to your Crowder email address. 

  1. Click through the informational popups until you reach the option to select Duo Mobile or a Token.  Click "Duo Mobile”. 

  1. Continue to follow the onscreen directions, entering your cell number.  

  1. In the Duo Mobile app on your phone, tap “Set up account” 

  1. Tap “Use a QR code” on your phone. 

  1. Scan the QR code displayed on your computer screen with your device’s camera.  

  1. Once the account is created, give the new account a name to complete adding your Crowder account to Duo Mobile (the default name is Crowder College.  (This is the name you will see every time you need to login to your Crowder account with Duo Mobile). 

  1. Tap “Allow notifications” so that you can view notifications from Duo Mobile without opening the app. 

  1. Duo Mobile will request usage data. You may tap “Continue” or “Turn off”. 

  1. On the computer click “Continue”.  When asked on the computer to “Add another way to login” click “Skip for now”.  

NOTE: Android phones will offer an opportunity to back up your account to a Google Drive account.  You do not need to do this but may if you choose.  Backing up your account to a Google Drive is not supported on iPhones.  

  1. Setup is complete! 

NOTE: While you should now be logged into your Crowder account on the computer, it may have timed out due to taking additional time during the setup. In the browser, retype or in the URL bar and hit Enter. When the login screen appears, login like normal and then follow the prompts with Duo.   

  1. When you attempt to login, Duo will provide a 3-digit number on your computer screen that you will need to enter on your phone in the Duo Mobile app. 

NOTE: You may wish to delete the Crowder College account from your Microsoft Authenticator app to simplify the login process to Crowder M365 services you have setup on your phone.  DO NOT DELETE the MICROSOFT AUTHENTICATOR APP as you may have other services or accounts listed in the app. 

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