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3/26/24 - 9 AM: OpenVPN Authentication Changed to Require Duo MFA

At this time, the change to our OpenVPN authentication or login-process has been switched to require Duo MFA instead of Microsoft Authenticator.  

Yesterday afternoon, we emailed and posted to the Roadmap blog (located here) that we would be making this change in an effort to strengthen Crowder security and streamline the login processes.  

If you wish to access Jenzabar or a shared drive such as the "Departmental W drive" from off campus, you will need to setup or recreate your sign-in profile with OpenVPN.  Directions can be found here: installation and setup of openvpn.pdf

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact HelpDesk at, 417.455.5712, or visit us in McDonald Hall room 217 on the Neosho campus. 

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