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Summer 2024 Account Balances Katrina Dawn ShorterShow MyInfo popup for Katrina Dawn Shorter 6/12/2024 8:31:21 AM
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Account Balances: Summer 2024 Katrina Dawn ShorterShow MyInfo popup for Katrina Dawn Shorter 6/11/2024 12:19:40 PM

Please note if you currently owe for the Summer 2024 Semester, you can either setup a payment plan or you can pay your remaining balance in full. Payment arrangements need to be in place to ensure future enrollment with Crowder College.

If you anticipate receiving an A+ scholarship, please remember that they will only pay at the end of the semester, however, we ask that you please make arrangements to cover the student portion that will remain by either paying your portion through MyCrowder or if you are unsure of your portion, it can be obtained by contacting the cashier's office at 417-455-5598 or 417-455-5402.

Federal Aid will be applied to students accounts after 06/12/2024. Please note that disbursements do not occur at the same time for all students. The first disbursement will be for those students who had complete financial aid files for the Fall 2023/Spring 2024 semesters. Additional disbursements will continue throughout the semester.

Any excess financial aid will be refunded and transferred through Transact according to the refund option you selected within two weeks of the date that it is posted to the student account. Our office will be working diligently to process refunds as quickly as possible. If you are expecting a refund, please refrain from inquiring about the status of your refund during this time. Please note that Crowder College disburses excess financial aid before the college receives the monies from federal aid.

You can track your financial aid status and/or refund status by logging on to the My Crowder portal and viewing the “Finance” tab. From there you will have access to the “Financial Aid” and “My Student Account” tabs. You can view your financial aid status by clicking on the “Financial Aid” tab. Your refund status can be viewed on the “My Account” section or by selecting the “Semester Statement” option and choosing Summer 2024. Once your refund has been requested, you will notice a transaction near the bottom that will say “Crowder Transact Refund.” Please keep in mind that this date only reflects the date that the transfer to Transact occurs, not the date that the money will actually hit your bank account.

 If you have not set up your refund preference. Please log into your MyCrowder , select the Finance tab, then “Student Account Refunds”. This will take you to our Transact providers website. Select “Sign up for Direct Deposit Refunds” and follow the easy prompts.