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Phish Alert Button Coming Soon!

Information Services is testing a new add-in to Outlook for you to be able to easily report phishing emails.  In the next few weeks, we plan to roll out a button in the top left of your Outlook email that will look something like this:   



When you suspect an email to be phishing you will be able to click on the email to alert Information Services staff and report it to Microsoft simultaneously.  As phishing emails are reported in greater numbers, Microsoft’s systems will be better able to learn what emails are phishing and filter them out before they reach other people’s inboxes.   

We will be posting further detailed directions on how to use the Phish Alert button once we have pushed it to Crowder emails.  We will also offer a staff development session at that time on identifying phishing emails and how to handle them. 

As always, if you do click on a link or open an attachment from a phishing email, please contact HelpDesk at 417-455-5712 or as soon as possible.

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