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2/10/23 - 4:45 PM: Recent Phishing Campaign at Crowder

Please continue to be cautious with phone calls, messages, and emails you receive to your work or personal devices.  

We were recently made aware of an event where a member of our Crowder family received a phone call from an individual claiming to represent a frequently used and well-known company. The malicious caller began using several social engineering techniques, providing information about the person they had called, that made them more believable. The malicious caller then began asking their potential victim to visit a website and download an app/software to their device so they could begin accessing sensitive information and add malicious files. 

Do NOT follow directions from unexpected callers to download or install any app or software to your personal or Crowder devices.  

If you are contacted by an individual that you do not recognize or expect, please exercise extreme caution. 

  • Can you log directly into the service they are site and find what they are talking about (especially helpful with shopping sites)? 

  • Can you verify the caller’s identity by going directly to the company website? 

  • Do not follow the caller provided directions to verify their identity but use your own resources or Crowder HelpDesk instead.

If you believe you have received a phishing email in your Crowder email account, please report it to Information Services using the Phish Alert Report button in Outlook.  If you believe you have received a phishing phone call (also referred to as vishing), please contact HelpDesk with the phone number, time of the call, and any other information you can provide.

If you believe your accounts or machine may be compromised, please contact HelpDesk immediately. If outside business hours, please email Daniel Witcher and Al Stadler. 

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